These items are the basic crafting materials.

Simple OresEdit

The fundamental items are the material ingots, gained from the various ores. Copper Ingots, Tin Ingots, Mythril Ingots, and Adamantium Ingots are gained from smelting the respective overworld ores. Onyx Gems are dropped directly from breaking Onyx Ore, the Nether ore.

There are also the two intermediate crafting items, Mythril Rods and Onyx Rods. At this time, these are used to craft the Mythril Bow and Onyx Bow.

Lastly, this group includes the Copper Bucket.

Fusion FurnaceEdit

The Fusion Furnace plug-in adds materials for the alloys Bronze, Thyrium, and Sinisite.

Bronze Chunks, Thyrium Chunks, and Sinisite Chunks are the result of utilizing alloy recipes in the Fusion Furnace. Small and medium chunks are crafted into large chunks, and then large chunks are smelted into ingots in a regular Furnace. (Alternatively, the chunks can be smelted more quickly in the Mythril Furnace, or they can be smelted in the Onyx Furnace in the hopes of gaining extra output ingots.)

There are also two intermediate crafting items, Thyrium Rods and Sinisite Rods. At this time, these are used to craft the Thyrium Bow and Sinisite Bow.


The Netherrocks plug-in adds ores and ingots or gems for the six materials Fyrite, Malachite, Ashstone, Illumenite, Argonite, and Dragonstone.

The ores are either smelted into ingots (Fyrite, Malachite, Illumenite, Argonite), or the ores drop gems when harvested (Ashstone, Dragonstone). Ores that are smelted into ingots can be smelted more quickly in the Mythril Furnace, or smelted in the Onyx Furnace in the opes of gaining extra output ingots.

In the WildEdit

Village Blacksmith chests can contain the Mythril Ingot and Adamantium Ingot.

Desert Temple chests can contain the Adamantium Ingot.

Chunks, gems, and ingots from the Fusion Furnace or Netherrocks plug-ins do not occur in chests.

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